Confidence Breeds Confidence

Giving in a Relationship

While many people realize that relationships are about giving to a partner, there are many ways to do it. Some of the most important gifts a person can give to their significant other are time, attention and their love. Material items matter less when the two have found their own joy as a couple, but it is important to occasionally give a person something instead of just love and attention. It can be a symbol of love, but it must come from the heart to really say what it means to be with that person. For those who have shared many years together, it is still most important to give the gift of time to a partner.

Presents through the year

For those who have just begun their committed relationship, presents through the year can matter a great deal. The thought behind them is still what matters most, but marking every birthday, holiday and special anniversary is important. For those who are unsure of what to get their partner, finding something that makes them feel a special connection should be the object of their search. Putting in the time to find it can be more important than the price paid, and it could eventually become a symbol of their loving relationship.

Paying attention

There are few people who cherish being ignored, so a committed relationship with another person is about paying attention to them. It includes what they say, what they do, and it is also important to understand what they need in life. Knowing what a partner really needs can be the difference between longevity in the relationship or being single soon. Even if the person says they want something, understanding they want to know they are being taken seriously can be a gift between the pair. It shows that their partner cares enough to listen closely, and that gives them the feeling of being loved.

It's about time

One of the few things a person can give that they can never get back is time, so taking the time to be with a partner is one gift that should be appreciated above everything else. For those who find their partner is always rushing off to work, spend time with family or friends, it’s about time for them to seek another relationship. Those who spend time with their partner might feel they are losing it, but they will gain in other ways. Their partner will be more loving and receptive when they realize the gift they are being given.

There are many ways to celebrate being with another person in a committed relationship, and giving is part of what keeps people interested in working to keep it going. For those who have little money, the gift of time is one of the few things they can always spare for someone they love. Even if they have plenty of funds to purchase a present for each day, spending time listening to a partner is what matters most if they want the relationship to continue far into the future.