Confidence Breeds Confidence

A Beautifully Balanced Relationship

There might be a good feeling for some adventurous people when teetering on the edge of a cliff, but it seldom works out when it comes to relationships. People might be drawn to the adrenaline rush of being on the edge, but they soon tire of it when they are looking for an opportunity to be with someone for the rest of their lives. Many people are seeking security in a relationship, and they want a partner who will hold on to them so they do not go over the cliff. Their desire for a balanced relationship is about knowing they can trust the other person, and it should go both ways.

Love and Trust
A relationship of any type is about knowing the other person will be there through every situation, so love and trust are important. A person can always love someone without trusting them, but there will be no balance between the two when it comes to interacting. One person will be on the giving end, and the other will be constantly taking until they drain everything they can from their partner. They are more likely to move on as soon as they have gotten as much as the other person has to give, so it will never be a good relationship for either of them.

Too Much Work
When two people are trying to keep their relationship going, it is important for them to spend time with each other. There are always people who believe their career and earning money is important, but they might have too much work outside the home to concentrate on their relationship. They will have to find a better balance between work and home life if they want to keep their partner with them, and it will mean making sacrifices. If their partner is not worthy of their time, they might just as well leave before they find their own dedication to the relationship entitles them to nothing more than a broken heart.

Working It Out
Couples with unbalanced relationships are not necessarily doomed to part ways, and working it out with professional assistance can help them find the best path for both of them. They might realize they are working too much, or they could find that what one person considers normal is damaging to the relationship. As long as both of them are willing to find ways to compromise, they can each feel they are contributing while getting what they need. Sometimes it is as simple as their need to learn what they need from their partner, and that alone can make the relationship a balanced one.

There are many ways that people in relationships interact, but the best ones are those that have a good balance for each person. While many relationships that are not that way have lasted for decades, one person has always paid the price for them. Modern couples tend to want both people to feel they are deserving of a good relationship, so finding the right balance for both partners is what matters most.